Vulnerability is Powerful

I feel extremely humbled, and grateful to have been able to hold a space for so many amazing people this month, and we aren’t finished yet.

The grand displays of courage I have been able to witness are absolutely powerful and inspiring. To watch some of you guys open up Sooo deeply during our sessions proves that you are capable of absolutely everything.

There’s something to be said about the power of vulnerability. It’s like a super power. It allows you to get deep with yourself and find that raw authentic space within.

I find that allowing yourself to be openly vulnerable and honest about it causes an almost instant shift in your energy and consciousness. To be authentically vulnerable is to be openly receptive.

When we are vulnerable we say to God, Spirit, Universe (whatever resonates with you) I am ready for change but also scared, and guess what, that’s totally ok. This opens us up to receiving divine assistance, guidance , and intervention on behalf of our greatest, highest good.

Holding a space of vulnerability for yourself can be powerfully transformative. Unfortunately, many have never held this space, as we live most of our lives fighting to survive.

If you’re interested in holding a space for yourself to be vulnerable and authentic I invite you to schedule your Free 20min Tarot Consultation here⬇️⬇️⬇️

This session will provided you with guidance, assistance and actionable advise so that you can navigate your inner journey.

In love and warmth,

Carolina Libreros

Professional Tarologist | Reiki Master/Teacher






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