May 17th Daily Energy Reading

Ace of Autumn

We are experiencing new beginnings in our #inspirations and #passions as well as our funnels of #abundance.

Today you get to keep an eye out for #opportunities to increase your financial #abundance and #opportunities to be #grateful for the financial #stability and #abundance that already exist in your life.

Through the activation of your #gratitude centers in this way, you are also activating law of attraction which allows you to continue to attract the #abundance that you are already #grateful for and increase it.

Some of you are making a transition from one career to another and you are looking into the new level of financial #abundance and #stability that this new career can provided.

Reminder: we are still at the beginning stages, so ensure that this transition is aligned with you and that this is what you want. Take the time to do the necessary research and acquire the necessary resources.

If you find that you are in need of financial assistance or resources for a project then take a moment to be in #gratitude for everything you’ve accomplished so far and be open to receiving assistance.

Be #receptive.

Today we get to practice #gratitude and activate law of attraction.

In love and warmth



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