May 16th Daily Energy Reading

The Tower and 6 of Swords (Reversed)

Major #Breakthroughs.

Some of you just finally decided that you’re done living the way that you’ve been living. You’re done living on auto pilot. You’re done living at rock bottom.

For some you these changes may be or have been very abrupt or sudden. It may feel like a shock and yet you realize that this was a necessary shock in order to bring you back into #awareness and bring you back into your life.

This change is good, although it may not be easy for some. It was needed in order for you to be #receptive and open to perceiving your life differently which allows you to make different decisions and choices that allow you to move forward in order to #manifest your dream life and become an active part of your life.

“You deserve to be present and you deserve to be an active part of your life. It is your birthright to be here and be present and be a co-creator of your life and not just let life happen to you, but rather step into it to fully experience your life.”

– Carolina

Major #breakthroughs of the mind and #realizations regarding the power your thoughts.

You are realizing and accepting #responsibility for your mental prisons and accepting that you created them and therefore you can set yourself free.

Bring #awareness to your thought patterns. How are holding yourself back? What excuses have you made up that you came to believe? Why?

You have just now realized the importance of harnessing the ability to observe your thoughts to intentionally change your thought patterns and vibrations in order to #manifest your best life.

In love and warmth

Carolina 💕

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