May 14th Daily Energy Reading

Today we are guided by the Lovers (reversed).

“Divine Union and Partnership”.

As individuals we seem to be a little disconnected from ourselves. Almost as if there are 2 versions of us.

You may feel as though you are in the gap between who you’ve been, and who you are becoming.

Know this, it’s okay. You are right where you need to be to allow yourself to be raw and authentic about who you are, and who you are ready to become.

What parts of your old self are you willing to give up and #transmute? What sort of inner #alchemy are you going through? This is a partnership with your divine self.

God, Spirit, Universe is still here. There may be some disconnect or miscommunication. Take the time to clear your channels so that you may release that which no longer serves you.

Perhaps you’ve had an experience that triggered some old emotions or reactions. Know that this new circumstance or situation is not related to previous experiences and therefore, you can just let this experience be what it is.

Learn from this experience as it carries a divine lesson for you and it may be exactly what you need to find divine harmony and union within yourself.

In love and warmth

Carolina 💕

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