May 13th Daily Energy Reading

Ishtar – Boundaries

“Love yourself enough to say to no to others’ demands on your time and energy”.

Its important today to set boundaries and listen to your body and you intuition.

If something doesn’t feel right or makes you feel uncomfortable, then say “no”.

Sometimes saying “no” and staying true to yourself is the healthiest thing your can do for yourself.

When we set these boundaries we increase our inner light. When we increase our inner light we are more deeply able to honor ourselves and the commitments we’ve made with ourselves.

It’s important to note that this also increases your inner strength and sense of security to be exactly who you are.

Setting boundaries is a way solidifying your freedom from “things” such as people, circumstances, situations.

In this way, setting boundaries allows us to further release the “things” that limit us or hold us back.

How will you allow your moment to moment experiences to show you were boundaries are needed?

How will you stand in your truth?

How will you actions inspire others to do the same?

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