May 8th Daily Energy Reading

Today we are being reminded to bring awareness to our finances and areas of #abundance.

If you are in a place where you are abundant, share that abundance. Whether you are abundant in wealth, health, ideas, or creativity.

If on the other hand you feel lack, then be open to receiving help in many ways. You may be in the middle of a project and feel you lack resources or creative perspective. Be open to receiving.

It may also help to clear your mind in order to see the bigger picture. Perhaps what you perceive to be the best route is in fact not.

Perhaps the universe is holding out to give you something bigger.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to let people into your life and allow them to see you in this light.

Remember that abundance is not strictly financial. Be #grateful for EVERYTHING in your life that enriches your daily moment to moment experiences.

Acknowledge every moment today that enriches your life with feelings or sensations of wholeness and feeling complete.

Share from the excess. Be #receptive

In love and warmth


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