May 3rd Daily Energy Reading

Today’s energy is the Emperor reversed.

We seem to be stuck somewhere along our stability, structure and commitments.

There’s something holding us from making final decisions or commitments of any kind right now and that’s ok.

If you are facing big life decisions, take the time to ground and get centered on what your priorities are and what actually matters to you.

This energy may bring the surface the “things” that are keeping you from experiencing continued forward movement.

Take the time to acknowledge these areas that need work and evaluate how you can make improvements to these areas.

Connect with your intuition in regard to these decisions you are facing.

You get to re-evaluate. You get to clear your mind and get away from all the stress.

Perhaps you’ve already made decision or commitments that are no longer in alignment with your path or where you are headed. You get to re-asses and prioritize.

Amazing opportunity to be true to yourself and those around you.

In love and warmth


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