May Energy Reading

This months energy is coming to us through the Emperor.

How can we use this energy to progress and continue to move forward?

How do we utilized this energy in order to maximize our potential for this month?

The Emperor is very much about grounding, structure, and foundation. He is firm and yet compassionate. He is the embodiment of the divine masculine energy within each of us.

We are being guided this month to practice compassionate consideration before making any decisions. The Emperor is one who feels he’s got the weight of the world on his shoulders. He makes decisions for the collective, and therefore for the greater good while also considering the needs of all those involved or affected by his decisions.

Be logical and practical about how your decisions are made. Bring awareness to you decision making processes by considering who is affected, how and why.

Ensure that you are grounded before making decisions. Consider every angle, every perspective, and all of the potentiality available. The Emperor is a father figure. Someone of authority who makes decisions and is in charge.

This energy provides us with an opportunity to connect with the divine masculine within and embrace ourselves as leaders. It allows us to take charge of our life and what we are allowing into it.

Take charge of what you allow into your mental space, your emotional space, your energetic space. What are you allowing in your business or your day to day life? How can you access and embody your inner leader?

Know that you are not alone and that there is a divine guidance and support available to you. This divine assistance is supporting you in all your endeavors and decisions.

Also know that at times what is needed is for you to take a step back and ground yourself. Listen to your divine, purpose driven, heart centered intuition and make decisions from this place of your divine center.

It’s also helpful to take a step back if you feel that you are spending too much time in you mental space. Sometimes when we get caught up in our head we tend to overthink and over analyze everything and this causes us to procrastinate and we end up not taking any action or making any decisions. We end up feeling stagnated and lack productivity.

If needed get out into nature and listen to the sounds around you. The most healing sounds are organic nature sounds. The sounds of earth. Allow the earth to clear your mind and make decisions from this place.

This energy has become available for you to embrace a part of yourself that puts you in a place of leadership over your own life path and how you want to experience it.

This energy emphasizes the importance of an absolute commitment to yourself, your path, your dreams, your goals, and your passions. Because of this we must apply firmness and discipline to our selves and out commitments. We must make decisions that are in the interest of our greatness good. This allows us to impact the collective greatest good.

At times, the firmness and discipline of your commitment to yourself and your path will mean that you have to say no. This allows you to prioritize what is actually important to you, what is authenticity important to you, what is essentially important to you? Make decisions from this place.

When considering the impact of your decisions take care not to get too caught up in your emotions regarding what anyone will think or if your decision to commit to yourself will hurt someone else’s feelings. Know that those who support, accept and understand you as you are will continue to do so.

Know that this leadership of self leads to success in all areas of your life where you are fully committed.

Remember that it’s always about your continued forward movement and growth.

Stand firmly in your truth.

In love and warmth


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