Tarot Skeptic To Tarologist

Tarot first came into my life in 2011. Before this I had seen my aunt secretly preform readings for friends and clients when I was a child but I didn’t know what was going on so I thought they were just playing a game.

In the summer of 2011 an acquaintance of mine began her tarot journey and had bought a Goddess Guidance Oracle Deck. This deck did not resonate with her and she thought it would be a good fit for me.

Oddly enough even though I had already been working with crystals for three years at this point, the Oracle cards threw me off and I was skeptical 🤨. Never the less I began playing with the cards. Shuffling over and over again just feeling the energy and to my surprise it felt good. After playing with the cards in this way for a few days I decided to pull a card and I was stunned by the beauty and intricacies displayed. It resonated with me and curiosity took over.

I began to look over the cards and feel into them. I’d ask myself how the card made me feel. What the imagery represented for me and how I felt about the colors used or facial expressions. After a few weeks of this I began drawing a daily card to provide some guidance for me (I was curious and wanted to experience the guidance from the cards).

At first I was somewhat skeptical of how much guidance could be provided and how much of it I would experience. However as the days began to unfold I was beginning to see a connection through the state of mind that the reading would put me in and the piece of advice that each card provided.

I realized that I began to experience synchronicities as soon as I opened up to the possibly of these cards actually providing guidance for me from my angles and guides.

During the first few months of my interaction with the cards I began to feel increasing lighter and calmer all the time. I was experiencing daily joy and gratitude. Something I at this point thought was not possible.

Fast forward a few years later and I have been working with tarot and oracle cards for well over 7+ years and it still makes me super excited to pick up my cards and play with them.

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