April Energy

April is officially here, and although March was very fluctuant and provided many opportunities for change, transition and choice; April offers us an opportunity to take it one step further and take action and assert our passions.

This months card is the Princess of Wands. Powerful, creative, passionate, and determined.

What does this mean?

It means you get to take your power back. It means that you get to take a step back and gain an awareness or insight as to why you don’t feel in charge of your life. You get to connect with yourself in such a way that you finally say enough is enough. Something’s got to give. You get to realize where you’ve been putting your power or what you’ve been giving it up to and take it back on the spot. You are powerful and therefore capable of creating anything that you want to have in your life. It is now time to own this truth.

It’s great isn’t it. It makes me feel totally excited for you. But there’s more.

By taking your power back you reconnect with your deepest passion. The one that keeps you awake at night. The one you day dream about and have created so many times in your mind. The same passion you fantasize about when you have alone time and listen to music or meditate. It’s YOUR passion. Own it and take creative action.

There is no more time to procrastinate. You must take a chance on yourself. Believe wholeheartedly in yourself and your passion and then take action that creates that passion in your current reality. Don’t be afraid to fail. Instead be afraid not to even try. The worst that can happen when you try is that you fail.

What happens when you fail?

If you have failed then you have learned something valuable. You’ve learned what went wrong and how you can be better. You’ve learned how that attempt felt and whether or not you want to try it again or change it up. You get to try again. You get to give it your all each time until you succeed.

That’s the worst that can happen anyway right; and yet if you don’t even try you’ll never know if the possibility exists for you for to succeed in the first place and have this life that up until now is just a thought.

Here’s the truth:

Your passion can look however you want it to look. There is no rule book, so let go of anything that limits your passion. You get to own your passion and create anything you want. You get to create a way to express your self, to love yourself and to empower yourself. You get to create your passion from scratch and try it in many different ways. You get to explore a deeper part of yourself. You get to creatively be yourself. You get to share that with the people around you.

What is it going to take?

Determination. Simple right. You get to move forward with absolute certainty and confidence in every move you make. You get to take continuous inspired actions and make intentional decisions that are in direct alignment with your passion or the things you are trying to manifest into your life. You get to take a stand for your passion and hold your ground because NOTHING is worth compromising your truth or passion.

Trust your passion and let it take flight. Let your passion lead and guide you. Step fully into your power and your passion will find you.

Choose you, choose your passion, choose your light.

Wishing you Love, Joy and Abundance


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