Inner Release/Outer Change

March is now coming to an end. While looking back at all of the events of this month, it’s hard not admit that March has brought with it a lot of change, and we have all experienced change in different ways.

Change can manifest in many different areas of our lives and corresponds to were we are in our life and where we are headed. Many times, to continue moving forward changes need to be made, not to the way we live, but to the way we think about and take action on the things that inspire us.

I’ve been experiencing a lot of change. I’ve been observing it. Changes in nature, in the people around me, in my environment, and my own energy. For many, change is happening so close that they are unable to see it. These changes are not limited and can occur in countless ways.

The changes in nature right now are amazing, birds sing every morning and it totally makes my morning meditaions more enjoyable. The sun seems brighter, stronger, happier. I find myself sitting by the window basking in the sun like a reptile. Joy, I feel joy when I take this small action. I am present when I meditate while basking in the morning sun. It’s a small change, and to many it may seem insignificant, however it is a change that made a huge difference in how much joy I bring into my life through meditation every morning.

I’ve noticed changes in the people around me as well. I didn’t notice it before but there are people that are no longer in my life. I never gave it a thought or put the space between us intentionally. I just realized that there are new people in my life where the toxic people used to be. It’s a rather pleasant change and one that shows me how subtle and gentile the will of the universe can be. Guiding me towards people who bring out the best in me and allow me to do the same for them.

My personal environment has shifted as well and received a major upgrade. As I have mentioned before I moved in the middle of January. This move brought with it big changes, some of which I am still integrating into my current daily routines. This change is one that always brings me to a place of deep gratitude and appreciation. I am no longer in a toxic environment. For me, a toxic environment is any place or any instance where I am unable to be myself because I may or may not make someone else uncomfortable, or perhaps my way of being is not understood and therefore judged or criticized.

The parts of my life that existed in that way have completely transmuted. I feel freedom on a daily basis in the comfort of my own home. There is a constant joy in my life. Especially now that I have realized my many blessings and have given many thanks for them.

The energy of our environment is important, because it will either hold you back or set you free to just be. I learned this through the experience of such a shift in my personal environment, that it also caused a deep energetic shift within myself. My energy began to spike shortly after I set myself free with the intention to be as much of myself as possible on a daily basis. This one intention was so personal and powerful for me that it opened me up to myself. It brought up old belief systems and thought patterns. Many emotions triggered memories I thought I was done with. I’ve even been triggered by something as simple as hubby asking me to do him a favor.

Wooh, where did that come from. It made me uncomfortable to experience this so I meditated on it. I understood that this is something that I need to experience, I understood that this is something I get to do. I get to release old beliefs and thought patterns. I get to release old emotional associations. I get to move forward into a brand new chapter of a whole new book in my life.

This realization was humbling because it brought me think about all of you. All of us. We are going through these changes together and in our own ways. Experiencing opportunities to make lasting changes for the betterment of our lives and those whose lives we affect.

Be proud of these changes. They may not always be pleasant, easy, or obvious and that’s ok. What matters is how you will respond to these changes and opportunities.

How will you face the parts of yourself that no longer have purpose; not because these things don’t matter but because their purpose has been fulfilled and now you must elect to let this old way go in order to make room for the new and beautiful things that are headed your way.

Wishing you love, joy and abundance always,

Carolina 💕

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