Journey To The Most Authentic You

Grounding For Inner Evolution

Earthing and grounding in the morning sunshine 🌞

Lately in find myself basking in the sun like a reptile. Jeje 😉

Remember to ground during this time of change, release and inner evolution.

It’s time for a spring cleaning of the soul. Grounding helps you to feel anchored while allowing you go deeper into yourself to find old patterns, belief systems, and mental or emotional blocks that are no longer serving you.

Grounding also makes the process of releasing these things easier and is a constant reminder that God, Spirit, Universe has your back and it is safe right now for you to take a leap of faith into yourself and re-discover who you are.

As always wishing you love, joy and abundance

Carolina 💕

#morningmeditation #earthing #grounding #leapoffaith


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