I’m Back

All it takes is one moment of understanding and self realization, and the will to make lasting changes in our lives.

I am back 😊

Many things have happened and changed and many adjustments needed to be made to my daily life. Even so, there are so many lessons I learned along the way and I’m still finding ways in which these lessons apply to or have affected how I go about my daily life.

To recap January was about practicing and cultivating patience or so I thought. For me January was also about change and adjustment. As I prepared to move into my new apartment my human/survival tenancies kicked in. With so much running through my mind every day, meditation became necessary.

Even though I meditate daily I found myself meditating longer and more often per day on days that felt particularly stressful. It was in these moments of calm and quiet that I could hear and feel the guidance from spirit melting away any worry or anxiety I felt in regards to the move.

Through meditation I was consistently reminded to be in patience. I learned not only to be patient while planning a move but also to be patient with my surroundings. Whether it’s a person, situation, or circumstance. Perhaps the most important thing I learned was to be patient with myself. This is something that was new to me so admittedly I had no idea how to do that.

The realization that I don’t know how to be patient with myself really got to me and I began to think of many instances in which I took for granted the opportunity to learn or experience patience. At first I felt a resistance and then I challenged that feeling.

When did I learn to be so impatient? Did I learn it from someone in my life? Have the circumstances and situations in my life required this of me?

All in all I found that at some point in my childhood I learned that taking my time to do things would result in some form of punishment. Therefore somewhere along the way I decided to just always do everything as quickly as possible. This somehow translated to me being impatient with everything and everyone that surrounds me as an adult.

To realize this was an extremely powerful moment for me. I now had the ability to improve my life by re-learning patience. I now had an opportunity to understand and nurture myself on a much deeper level. I began to deliberately practice patience with myself and those around me. I noticed that I was feeling more relaxed and calm in situations that normally made me tense or anxious. The manner in which I spoke changed naturally. It became calm, neutral and authentic.

Meditations were vastly improved and by implementing this new approach to patience I found that I was able to enjoy each and every moment more fully. Then I realized that spirit has not only taught me patience, but allowed me to see how the lack of patience has been affecting my presence. So profound, and yet all of this progress and learning simply due the ability to trust and surrender.

As soon as I accepted these lessons and found a way to implement their practice; all the different, separate things in my life began to fall into place with a synchronicity and velocity that made me question my reality.

Is my life really going this smoothly right now? Confusion struck me and in the same breath I was relaxed. A deep acceptance poured over me. Yes. I’m ok. I don’t have anything to worry about. I am divinely guided and cared for. Take your time to process this but accept it as well.

This moment was all it took to accept that I have learned patience with myself and Universe alike.

Sharing gratitude, receptivity, and abundance.

Love always

Carolina 💕

2 thoughts on “I’m Back”

  1. This is a lovely post Carolina and so well written. This reminds me of the importance of taking time to meditate daily no matter what is going on, and especially when feeling more frazzled! It reminds me of the importance of being patient and compassionate with ourselves first, and with others too. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Julie Thank you 🙏 so much for your continued support and understand. I’m happy that this resonates with an aspect of yourself and that it served as a reminder of your own ability to do the same.

      Sending you love, support and receptivity


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