Time To Focus

We have made our decisions. We’ve decided what’s going to change and what the new vision is.

We’ve made a commitment on deeper level to ourselves and those whom are directly affected by our decisions.

Even though it seems rough, even though we experience resistance; we continue to take steps forward. Leaving behind the things, thoughts, or environments that no longer serve us.

We are rebuilding and reevaluating, this requires consistent work and passion. We must put in the required work to rebuild what we though we wanted.

The difference between want and need is now clear. Perspective has become clear and crystalline.

As a result we are more directly connected to intuition. We are aware of our body, what it needs and self nourishment.

We are still to be grounded and sit in patience.

Practice Patience whenever there is opportunity to do so.

Focused intention is necessary to succeed. Therefore pace yourself, be consistent, and be patient.

The rewards for all your hard work are on their way.

Know that. Feel that. Trust that.

Love 💕 always


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