Patience. We Are Setting Up For Success. We Are Preparing For The Long Haul.

The Queen of Autumn and the Four of Wands.

They ask us to find harmony and balance. To make plans for the long term. We have made decisions and commitments and we must see them through.

Again we are reminded to slow down and be patient. Everything will happen in its own time. There is no need to be stressed or over worked. Instead manage your time and tasks. Take control of your time and prioritize.

Perhaps some of things you thought were important aren’t anymore. Rearrange your priorities accordingly before taking action.

Be present, be practical.

Use your intuition to aid when you are making decisions. Does it feel good to you? Does it bring you joy? Is this what you want or what you need?

Be still, be present, feel into it.

Take the time to ground yourself. You are feeling inspired and perhaps there is a lot running through your mind.

Be still, quite your mind, ground.

Center yourself. Center within yourself. Find your truth. How does it feel? How do you want to implement it? What are you in the process of building or becoming? How do you want to do it?

So again slow down. Ground. Center yourself. Find your balance and you will find harmony.

✨ practice patience with yourself, but also be patient with God, Spirit, Universe. They are working in your favor. You are divinely supported but you must practice patience.

Love 💕 always


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