Let’s Cultivate Patience

Let’s cultivate patience this month.

It’s the beginning of a new year and a new month and everyone is hyped to start New Years resolutions, set intentions/goals and get started.

However we must slow down. Rushing won’t make anything happen faster. Instead, we should deliberately and intentionally slow down, plan, organize.

Take the time to set yourself up for success. Take the time to plan it all out and see where you’ll need help or get creative about the way in which you would like to achieve your goals.

Meditate, journal, draw a card.

Remember the King of Winters’ message. Tap into intuition and check in regularly to make sure that the road you are on feels good, fun and exciting.

If you have planned something big for 2019 then make sure to take the time to acquire any necessary knowledge or wisdom regarding your endeavor.

Find your middle ground. Balance.

It can be exciting to have many new plans, until everything hits you at once and you realize there’s not enough time for some of the other things you want to be a part of.

Make the time to find balance between career, home and family, love, passions and interests, self care and nourishment, grounding and ascension.

Patience is required of us to achieve all our goals. The practice of patience is the oldest form of endurance.

How are you cultivating patience this month?

What steps are you taking to slow down and find balance?

2 thoughts on “Let’s Cultivate Patience”

  1. This post comes at just the right time. I have felt like I am ‘behind’ because I don’t have all my goals figured out for the year! Oftentimes if I feel overwhelmed, I push things away and do nothing. This feels like what I am doing with my goal setting. It feels like a monumental task and it has to be just right. But I will be patient with myself and take my time. Thanks for this. xo

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