2019 Energy Reading

It is officially 2019. I woke up this morning with spirit calling to me. Something I must know. Something I must share. I immediately fell into gratitude that I am able to begin the year connected to spirit.

I began to wonder what the new year will have in store for us all. What energies will we be able to connect and engage with and how? So I asked the cards. After a meditation, allowing myself to sit with this energy I felt called to expand my original post and explain it further. While sitting with this message I found depth.

Many things came up through the message from spirit all of which apply to this new beginning we are experiencing.

King of Winter: at first glance he seems emotionally unavailable and distant, but when you take a closer look you realize that he is an extremely intellectual being.

Sometimes complete focus may be perceived as being cold or aloof, however it really just means that we are absorbed by our priorities or passions. This lets us know that although we have many plans for this new year we must find balance. At times we maybe so focused on what we are trying to achieve that we may not pay attention to much else and this may cause us to miss the big picture or special moments. Therefore focus and prioritize but find balance and ground yourself.

Applying intellect in 2019 means finding balance in career and home life. It means we need to take our time to gather information to make intelligent decisions for the greater good of our selves and all those whom our decisions affect. It means taking the time to increase our knowledge on anything we are trying expand for ourselves in career, home, or personal growth.

The King of Winter also inspires us to tap into the wealth of ancient knowledge available to us all and to use the tools that have been naturally provided to us to access that knowledge and wisdom. He reminds us to trust instinct and intuition. To honor the ancient wisdom within us by honoring our gut feelings and intuition. Listen to it when you are making decisions or taking risks. Check in with your intuition regularly.

Last but not least, we are reminded strongly to live our truth. To be truly authentic with ourselves. It may at times be challenging and we may feel misunderstood or alone; but we must remain in trust with God, Spirit, Universe. We must trust that those in our particular vibrational frequency will find us and we will find them. Step into the truth of who you are, honor yourself in this way. Connect with your purpose and find your truth.

For many this will be a bit of a challenge and that’s alright. We are to take our time and make slow consistent progress. Increase your knowledge, do your research, invest in yourself. Make a plan and take each step deliberately.

On the surface you may appear to be cold and distant; but internally you are planning your next move. Learning all you can about the decisions you are making and the effect they will have on you and those closest to you.

This particular energy certainly is interesting and challenging. Remember to find balance. Many things will require your full attention, it’s up to you to take charge of your life and find a balance that works for you.

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  1. This reminds me that I need to continue to embrace, accept and love myself, to live my truth. Most of my life I have struggled with this. It is just within the past 1.5 years that I have started to really accept myself and not want to be something different than what I am. I love the statement, To honor the ancient wisdom within us by honoring our gut feelings and intuition. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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