Intuition As Of Late

It’s been coming up around me a lot. It’s been a thought, or a feeling, or something I hear. I’ve been called in by my intuition.

She’s asking me to focus, ground myself.


To find the lost gems of lessons I’ve already learned.

I feel it. A shift.

I’m being called to reflect and review. Many things have happened, changed, transformed. Many things and people come and gone. Lessons learned and overlooked. Opportunities presented; taken, or rejected.

Perception shifting. Taking a step back to move forward.

I ask myself why it is so normal to be afraid of risk; afraid of taking a step back to leap forward. We tend to focus on the what if’s and the possibilities of what could go wrong. These thoughts tend to spiral and cause blocks. We fail to see beyond taking a step back and are unable to take the leap.


When we are present, we are here, in the moment and are able take each moment as it comes while simultaneously letting it go. Being present means we can roll with the punches and keep it moving. You are able to take the leap and trust yourself.


Set yourself free, to flow with life itself and find harmony in your being. Trusting in the outcome of your intentions and ability to co-create. Furthermore, surrender is the act of trusting the higher self, intuition, and spirit. Following through with the feeling in your gut or the random thought of encouragement or guidance.

Surrender is trust. Surrender is freedom.

All of these experiences I have had and lessons I have learned and yet, intuition says go back and take another look. So here I go re-evaluating all that I thought I knew or learned. Looking for a new angle or missing information.

You see, intuition for me is the life force energy that is always around me. The silent, invisible force that guides me and aids me on the path to divine purpose and awareness. I have learned repeatedly that when you allow trust to be a part of you, to guide you, then you are able to experience true freedom. The freedom to be your best self. Whatever that means for you, has the ability to bring pure joy, happiness, and purpose.

Intuition is not only the life force energy that is all around us. It lives within us as well. It’s accessible to us all if we are willing to listen and to trust; to be present and open to new ways of viewing and experiencing the world around us.

There are many ways to tap into intuition. Prayer, meditation, journaling, energy work/medicine, crystal work, tarot/oracle cards etc. Whatever methods you use have the ability to bring you to the present moment and in presence we can truly connect to ourselves and intuition in a way that is safe and fun.

Let’s center ourselves, truly ground and be present. Be aware of your thoughts and intentions. Do they match what is in your heart? Does it make you feel uncomfortable or does it feel right and good? How is your higher self, intuition, spirit guiding you?

How will you respond?

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  1. I need to learn to be able to trust my intuition. I second guess myself continually. I want to feel content more often and be able to go with the flow, be able to listen and trust. Thanks for sharing!

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