December – Grounded Compassion

December, I’ve felt into you. Although you have a lot going on, you require more from us than to keep up with your busy holiday vibe.


Although the following transmission is written in the first person, I felt it was important to share it. I have chosen to do so authentically in its original form. This transmission is meant for us all.

A guide to remind us to take a moment to ground ourselves through the hustle and bustle of this months events and all that it involves.


You require me to ground consistently and cultivate compassion. To allow those around me to be reminded what compassion feels like. What it takes. December, I hear you. You are cool and yet collected in a way that is inviting and even intriguing.

With gentleness, you remind me to stay grounded, and yet somehow, I know this means more than meditation and root chakra work. You are referring to my roots, my foundation. That which keeps me grounded. Wether that be family, friends, loved ones, or some me time to reset, meditate or do energy work.

I hear you clearly December; you are asking to be fully enjoyed. Requiring me to be fully present. To be here now, in this moment and be here for every moment. To fully experience and enjoy what you have to offer. Furthermore you require mindfulness and presence to be here for the ones I spend my time with. To fully enjoy and experience every moment shared.

Open your heart. I hear you. You require an open heart. One that can freely give can freely receive. I feel you, slowly opening my heart. As I feel more deeply, compassion seeps in.

I’m shocked. It’s not what you meant was it. To show compassion towards others; that’s not the whole task is it. No. It’s not. I feel it, the deep sensations and feelings of compassion towards myself.

I can feel the change this has caused, like a ripple effect throughout my being. A sort of gentle, grounded compassion bubbling up inside. Filling me up with an abundance of love, compassion and understanding.

I am grateful December, this awareness has affected the way that I perceive and experience not only the events of this month but the events and opportunities provided by God, Spirit, Universe.

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  1. This is so beautiful Carolina. Thank you for sharing. I love the reminders to be present, remain grounded, practice compassion for self and others, to open our hearts. LOVE.

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