Manifesting With Nora Truscello

Today marks a week since starting the challenge and I would like to share with you, all the amazing gifts I have received from God and Universe this week so far. Including joining Nora Truscello and Christine Gurganus for a live show on manifestation.

On November 23rd I began Nora Truscello’s 30 day Manifestation Challenge. If you haven’t joined in already Here is the link. This Challenge has taken me on an adventure of its own and I can’t wait to share it all with you.

Friday Nov. 23rd

Day one of the Manifestation Challenge, I was so psyched to have started that I did a couple of readings for myself. One was with the Goddess Guidance Oracle Deck and the other with the Fairy Tarot Deck.

The card drawn from the Goddess Deck was Sedna whom reminded us that limitless abundance is available to us all at all times, and that all we need to do is ask. She reminds us to strive for balance and to be in gratitude – not just grateful.

So of course I shared this message with you because it’s amazing; but also because a part of me was celebrating – this beautiful message was asking us to acknowledge this infinite source of abundance. This divine guidance was telling us to manifest, to co-create, and we will be divinely supported.

Then of course I did a quick mini reading with the Fairy Tarot Deck and got the 4 of Spring and the 3 of Autumn. This a was a reading I had done for myself personally so I didn’t share the reading in detail. I just made a simple post on Instagram.

So day one manifested divine guidance leading me to align myself with limitless abundance and call it in to co-create what I already knew was possible for me.

Saturday Nov. 24th

Day two of the Manifestation Challenge, I happened to check my Pinterest account and was amazed to see that my monthly views had gone from less than 40 to 284 and still growing. This was a huge leap for me and when I saw it I was immediately amazed at the speed with which I was manifesting changes.

For many this is just a small feat, but for me this was major since I began this account from scratch.

Sunday Nov. 25th

Day three of the Manifestation Challenge, I woke up, got through my morning routine and began to go through emails and the like. Then I checked my twitter account and BOOM!! I had been featured on for my blog Balance, Gratitude, Abundance. Mine is the second one. I have provided a link if you would like to check it out.

Not only did I manifest myself a feature but I was contacted by a company who wants to feature some more of my work. How awesome is that. All I had to do was ask for little help and there it was waiting for me to find it when I woke up.

By this point I was feeling intense gratitude with God and Universe alike for all the gifts I had received up to this point. It was already way more than I had expected to accomplish in such a short frame of time.

With that thought I had been divinely gifted once more with a reminder that we should not underestimate what we are capable of achieving when we are manifesting with divine support.

Monday Nov. 26th

Day four of the Manifestation Challenge, I know this may sound strange but, I manifested an Apple Watch. Yes you read it right the first time, an Apple Watch!! I went to work as usual it was a Monday like any other, except it wasn’t.

My partner came to pick me up from work as usual and then BOOM!! Apple Watch. He just handed it to me. I was excited and simultaneously in disbelief because duh, it’s an Apple Watch, lol.

For sure this is an evening I will not soon forget.

Tuesday Nov. 27th

Day five of the Manifestation Challenge, in truth this was a day of rest and meditation. For one reason or another my mind kept taking me back to the reading I did for myself on Friday. The 4 of Spring and the 3 of Autumn. I kept seeing these in my minds eye and felt called to pull them out again.

It was almost as if they were calling to me saying “hey come back you missed something, we’re not done yet”. So I listened to my intuition and I pulled the cards back out. I went through my tarot journal and sure enough, there was a bunch of stuff I didn’t write down the first time that I was lucky to recall.

As I was writing some of these things down for myself I felt an inkling to write for you and share it. At first I was hesitant because it was a personal reading. But then I realized that the message is important so after a few more meditations I wrote it all down in no time because I felt so deeply passionate about it.

After I was finished I set it off to the side for the day and spent the evening with my partner. Gotta find the balance right. Lol.

Wednesday Nov. 28

Day six of the Manifestation Challenge, I awoke to yet another message. This time from a marketing agency reaching out, offering to promote my brand. This was amazing to me because now twice in one week two different companies had reached out to give me a boost.

I then went on to edit and proof read what I had written the day before and once I was satisfied with it I finally published it. The Cards’ Take On Manifestation is a blog I wrote regarding a message from the divine. A road map of sorts to manifesting our dreams.

Throughout the day I was checking my twitter feed to see what’s going on, and I stumbled upon an opportunity to be interviewed. I got it. I was selected to be interviewed for a Christmas blog. This was also really awesome to me. The ease with which I was finding opportunities that were not there before was completely blowing my mind.

Here’s what took the cake for me; I was asked to join Nora Truscello and Christine Gurganus live on their Facebook Group Empowerment Through Intuition for a show on manifestation to share some of the achievements and experiences I’ve had with this challenge so far.

Of course I said yes. I made a brief appearance on their show and I was able to share with many people the wonders that I have been experiencing through manifestation.

I’ll admit I’m socially awkward and may not have articulated well but this was the first time I did something like this and I feel I did well given how nervous I was.

All in all, not a bad week. Everything I have achieved, found, or taken a leap of faith on is new and exciting for me. These are things I did not have when starting this challenge and I can’t wait for you all to manifest your dreams as well.

I believe in you.

With Love and Gratitude,


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  1. Wow Carolina! It has been an amazing week for you! That is great! I’m going to check out your post ‘The Cards Take on Manifestation.’ Thanks for sharing!

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