The Cards’ Take On Manifestation

One should be present. In the that moment, we should feel happiness and joy with the life we are capable of leading. We should look at all that we have accomplished and feel deeply contented.

Over the weekend I felt called to manifest. It kept coming up in the back of my mind and I began to feel it must be coming up for a reason.

I always say, the more something continues to come up for you, the more you should pay attention to it. So I did.

I decided to ask the cards. While shuffling, I centered myself and realized that I didn’t know how or what to ask regarding manifesting. So instead I visualized what manifestation looks like for me and then I drew a card, after that I took the card from the bottom of the deck as well.

I drew the 4 of Spring from the top of the deck and the 3 of Autumn from the bottom. When I put the cards side by side I realized that they weren’t just telling me how to manifest but how it should feel. A roadmap of sorts.

Four of Spring

The 4 of Spring reminds us to be in Gratitude – not just grateful. It invites us to center ourselves and look around at all of our blessing and celebrate them. Family, friends, home, environment, work, food; all of it.

We are reminded that although we are still working towards the big picture we should take the time to celebrate every success. Every time that we are able to take a step closer to our ultimate goals is a moment worth celebrating.

In this way allowing yourself to soak up all the happiness and joy of that moment.

When we act from a place of happiness and joy we are able to imbue everything we do with this amazing energy. This abundance of energy soon spills into everything we create and share giving us yet another reason to celebrate.

Strive to take many small actions of gratitude to ensure your own knowing of the many blessings in your life. Therefore attracting many more to come.

3 of Autumn

The 3 of Autumn reminds us to follow and continually ignite our passions. The essence here is that manifestation is not at all difficult when we are manifesting our passions. Wether that is career, love or health.

When we are passionate about something whatever it may be, there isn’t much that is able to stand our way. The same principle applies when we are trying to manifest.

Get clear. What are you trying to manifest? How does it make you feel? Who are you celebrating with?

We must take many small actions that ignite our passions in order to call them in and manifest through these passions the changes or opportunities we seek.

When we do what we love it does not feel like work and we do not tire; rather we are continuously stimulated and inspired.

Be the best at what you do and all else will follow. Don’t worry about the what if’s. Instead focus your attention on the abundance of joy and happiness that surrounds you when you do what you love.

The Gist

In order to manifest the life that you are working towards you must do so with passion, gratitude and joy. These will lead to abundance on your way to realizing all your dreams.

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