Balance, Gratitude, Abundance

“You are supplied for today and all of your tomorrows”

Whenever I pull this card I am reminded of the limitless abundance that is available to us all. I am reminded to strive for balance. To give freely of myself and to be equally receptive.

Many are doubtful and distrustful of the universe. Yet it is a simple thing to be free of doubt, and trust that no matter what you do or who you are, the universe will provide for you.

To tap into inner abundance one must give up doubt and worry. In its place begin to experience trust and joy within yourself. Strive to achieve balance. If you give too much of yourself, you may feel under appreciated and irritable; likewise if you take too much then you won’t enjoy what you have.

Think of giving and receiving just as you already think of breathing. One is just as equally important as the other. Effortlessly we take whatever breaths we need and then release our breaths to intake more. This reminds me of a quote.

“There is no need to manipulate breath. Breath is a natural thing, like air, like light; we should leave it as it is and not interfere with it.”

— Thich Nhat Hanh

The balance of give and take within ourselves is much the same. It should be effortless. We need not worry about giving too much of ourselves. If we are open to receiving we will be provided with everything we need.

When you have reached this balance, you become limitless. Suddenly you feel and genuinely believe that anything is possible. You begin to manifest and co-create in a way you thought was beyond your reach.

You become abundant in life. This abundance soon leaks into everything you do or are a part of. You soon realize that you no longer worry about what you don’t have, instead you learn to focus on what you do have and what you are in the process of creating.


Gratitude plays a role here as it is an important practice. As I have mentioned in Gratitude – A Fundamental of Life the universe will give you more of what you are grateful for.

In other words when we are in gratitude with the universe it replies by giving us more. Wether that’s more opportunity, love, joy, abundance, or health we are provided with more to be grateful for.

Therefore do not forget to practice daily gratitude. It is after all step one in activating law of attraction and changing your life for the better.

Remember, gratitude is a frequency. It is authentic, raw and pure energy that will help you co-create and manifest your dreams. But you must trust the universe and release all doubt.

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  3. Carolina, Thank you for sharing this lovely post. So affirming. Sometimes the doubt creeps in. I believe that a gratitude practice is important. I have made a more dedicated effort to practicing gratitude with a gratitude journal and I believe it is very beneficial for my journey.

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