Fear is Opportunity

I would like to discuss fear.

I feel it’s important to be open about our fears. To get to know them and why they present themselves.

It’s a silent, yet physical feeling for some of us. For others it’s a nagging voice.

When asked what we are afraid of or what causes us fear, most of us would hesitate to answer or, not answer at all. We would rather not address the fear and leave it alone.

As if this route of passive inaction will make the fear go away.

Some may go a step further and attempt to rationalize that if you just don’t think about it, or talk about it then it just won’t come up.

I beg to differ with this rationalization.

The truth is that whatever your fear is, it’s going to resurface sooner or later and if you don’t have a grip on it, then it WILL hold you back.

It’ll stop you dead in your tracks and make you feel inadequate, unworthy, overwhelmed or a combination of these to name just a few.

We have been conditioned to ignore fear and pretend it’s not there, to the point that just having a conversation with regards to fear in a very general setting is really physically uncomfortable for most of us. We don’t want to address it even if it has nothing to do with ourselves.

Yet, we all have fears. It’s part of our nature; to fear what we do not understand or what we have not yet experienced.

This is the common perception when in reference to fear.

Let me offer you an otherwise sagacious impression. A new truth to try out.

Fear is opportunity. When we experience fear we encounter a moment in our reality where we can make a conscious change. Each of those moments offers you a chance to grow. To master a task or an aspect of yourself or your current reality.

What have you always wanted to do?…

Who have you always known you were meant to be?…

Have you allowed fear to hold you back?… Why?…

Have you surrendered to fear or have you stepped into it?…

These are fundamental questions to ask yourself when you are ready to dive deep into the depths of your own fears. When you are willing find root causes and let go of any old baggage you may find along the way. When you have made a conscious, intentional decision to identify, accept, and get to know your fears.

Think about this; Many times we are the creators of our own fear and have no idea that we’ve done it. We create excuses to get out of doing something challenging and after using that excuse a few times you come to believe it about yourself.

However I offer you the alternative. If fear comes up for you, allow yourself to rise to the challenge. To let go of things, people, and/or trauma that no longer serve you for your greatest highest good. Rise to the challenge of who you are in the process of becoming and what it takes to get there.

Next time you find yourself face to face with your inner fear, take a chance on YOU!

2 thoughts on “Fear is Opportunity”

  1. I like this viewpoint to think of fear as an opportunity. I agree that we must get to know our fears rather than ignore them and hope they go away. Thanks for sharing!

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