Ego vs Love

This quote has spoken to me. I agree completely. This is the difference between living from ego vs living from love.

We’ve experienced or witnessed this. It’s all around us.

When living from a place of ego we strive to be seen, acknowledged, recognized. We are driven by money, power, and authority. We think that attaining these things will create happiness for us. That somehow these things will make us better or gain us the recognition we desire.

In reality we are just surviving, we aren’t truly living at all. We miss all the precious moments that occur regularly around us. We miss out on friends and family, we miss out on all the laughter and beauty that is found in each moment.

We miss out on LIFE.

When living from a place of love; we seek to improve the life of everyone and everything around us, to love deeply and selflessly, to understand and accept others and ourselves, and to live in the beauty of the ever present moment.

Yes, living in this way means allowing a certain degree of vulnerability.

However, it is not a question of whether we are open to being vulnerable to others.

Instead it is a question of whether or not we are capable of being vulnerable with ourselves.

Well, are you?

Inspiration provided by @zenessentials – twitter

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