Lean into Resistance (Release)

There are many changes coming into our lives at this time. This can cause many things to come to the surface that we perhaps thought we were done with or had already released.

As a result we feel discomfort and turbulence. Our life, for a moment, may seem to be in disarray.

We are being provided the opportunity to dive even deeper within ourselves and tap into a new level of our own being and our own potential.

This is made difficult by none other than our selves. We start off strong. Propelled by momentum and drive. Then, suddenly, we find ourselves up against one wall or another. Completely unaware of the fact that WE have created those walls.

We begin to feel resistance. That dark nudge telling you to quit while you’re ahead. “Just give up” it says, “you’re not good enough; you don’t have what it takes”.

The truth is simple. We must take responsibility. We must make a choice.

Give into the resistance and let it render you incapable of reaching your goals – or – Lean into the resistance and take responsibility by taking charge of your goals and seeing them through especially if it requires you to change.

Resistance is confirmation that you are on the right path.

When you feel resistance take the time to ask yourself; “Where is this coming from?”, “On what part of my body do I feel it?” and/or “What is new in my life that triggered this?”.

Address these things. Meditate 🧘‍♀️ on them. Journal 📓. Pray.

Ground yourself and allow yourself to focus only on the present moment in which you exist.

In order to grow we must shed and release all that no longer serves us. This means we must assess who we are in the present moment, and who we are in the process of becoming.

We must ask the questions that lead to truth; “Who do I think I am?”, “Am I me, authentically?” or, “Am I simply who I was raised to be?”.

Who do you want to be and what will it take for you to believe that is who you already are? It’s who you were always meant to be.

This is not an easy task. It requires a lot of introspection and transparency with the inner most self.

It also requires the ability to develop a deep sense of trust. With “YOU”. With your intuition, with your emotions, and with your intellect.

Whether you are holding onto mental, emotional or energetic/spiritual baggage, it’s time to let go.

It’s time to reach the next level of you, but you must make room within yourself to receive this upgrade. You must do the work and face the resistance with Will and Responsibility.


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