Allowing the Free Flow of Divine Guidance

I allowed the free flow of divine guidance and was provided with what I needed.

I went for a walk with the dog. We ended up at the park and he found a place to lay down.

My mind said “really!”, but my body wanted to do the same. So I listened to my body; I sat in the grass and put my hands on her.

Earth 🌏

Took a deep breath.


She gave me clarity and peace.

I made no effort other than to connect. She grounded me and centered me, all I had to do was be present in that moment.

By allowing the free flow of divine guidance I was provided with what I needed. Simple and pure energetic communication.

On the way home the dog pulled towards several tall grassy areas. Peed on everything 🙄.

But then approaching one spot he froze and just stared. I saw a white spot. As I got closer I realized what it was.

She opened her wings. Fluttered around me then settled back on the same blade, almost as if to say “look at me, I’m right here”.

Thank you 🙏 universe as you provide I am open to receiving💫.

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