September Energies and Mission

Ahhh … September

You have arrived, and with you has come a time of change, shedding and renewal.

What would you like for me to know September?

What have you in store for us this month?

Change. Release. Manifestation. Responsibility. Self Mastery.

September’s energies are very strong and this means that it is a month that will be a little rough and turbulent for some of us mentally, emotionally and energetically.

Some of us will feel and experience this first hand and others may witness someone around them going through this process.

What is this process?

Well, September is asking us to look closely at ourselves. What we want, need, feel, desire and where we actually are in contrast to all of that.

We are being provided the opportunity to address these things authentically and make the necessary changes.

Identify the things that are holding you back. Whether it’s a person, place, thing, situation, circumstance, relationship, or your job. Truly be honest with your self; are you happy? Is your life, circumstance, or career what you wanted it to be?

Find the clarity, strength and courage within yourself to change it and do something about it. Journal, meditate or talk to someone about it. It sometimes helps us to speak our thoughts out loud in order to understand our true selves and our deepest desires.

You may have been thinking about making changes for a while.

These changes don’t have to be dramatic. They may be subtle and small, but there must be change to find happiness and joy and balance in life.

It may be difficult to make these changes. Perhaps you like routine and are accustomed to the way that your day to day currently unfolds. But ask yourself, does my current routine make me happy or am I settling because I’m afraid to make any changes?

We are being provided the opportunity to release and let go of all that no longer serves us and re-assess just what those things are and why we have been holding on to them for so long.

This too can be difficult to accomplish. Take your time. Think things through. Feel into it. Take the time to open up and be in your heart space. Listen to yourself. How have you been ignoring yourself? What has your heart been trying to tell you? What is it saying now?

Again. Take your time with these questions, answer authentically. Journal, meditate, talk it out, move your body. Do whatever you must to feel into it and then allow your inner most self to answer.

Release. What exists in your life now that serves you no purpose? Feel into it and see if it’s something you’d be all to glad to let go of or if there is a deeper attachment. If you find resistance ask yourself why? What makes this thing, place, person, circumstance or job so hard to let go of and what can you do to begin to release it?

It’s time to let go. Make room within yourself and in your life to receive the things you want or have been trying to manifest.

Once we have made changes and let go of all the extra baggage, we start to feel really good. Everything feels better. The little things don’t seem to phase you anymore. Your focus is pinpoint and cannot be swayed. You begin to manifest yourself into the best version of YOU. As a result everything around you is upgraded along with you and you begin to manifest almost immediately.

You begin to think, speak, and feel everything into existence. You are now co-creating and manifesting your new life or reality.

We’re not quite done yet. We have yet to go deeper.

It’s now time to take responsibility for our present moment; Time to accept that every decision we have made has created our current reality and therefore WE have created the situations or circumstances in which we have found ourselves.

It sounds harsh I know, but look at the other end of this truth. You are now aware of this fact and begin to make conscious decisions. You begin to live with intention, you are no longer living on autopilot.

Please do not misunderstand. This process is by no means easy or simple. It requires real work and commitment.

How committed are you to YOU?

September is here to help make that crystal clear. We are to find and re-affirm our truth; tap into our inner most selves and go through all the necessary breakthroughs in order to reach our next level authenticity and therefore self mastery.

In going through this process or supporting it for those around us, we begin to face our own realities. We come face to face with our shadows. We learn to dance with our shadow and light simultaneously. We achieve balance. We achieve authenticity. We accept our truth and we live it fully

Welcome to your highest most authentic frequency.

This is the mission for this month. There is no need to rush, we have plenty of time. But keep this in mind as I am sure that life will reveal the uncomfortable truth within this month.

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