Gratitude – A Fundamental of Life

Do you find yourself needing change, or new direction? Do you find yourself looking for purpose and meaning?

Be IN gratitude. Not just grateful.

We all know what it is. However, we don’t all practice gratitude or make time to acknowledge all of the things in our lives that we are grateful for.

So many of us are busy with daily life and the stresses it bears on us. We are working, taking care of our families, going to school, running our businesses, teaching our children, and taking care of our household environment.

During these stressful times we all have moments where we wish things were different or maybe we are feeling stressed and thinking “I wish I didn’t feel this way”.

Allow yourself a moment of gratitude during these times and you will feel the shift in your energy, your vibration, your frequency, your emotional and mental state, your ability to handle the conditions, circumstances, and situations that lie ahead. You’ll find yourself empowered and capable of enjoying your life.


Have you ever considered the true power of gratitude?

It’s not just saying thank you… or telling someone that you appreciate them.

Gratitude is a frequency. Its a vibration. It’s power. It’s authentic, raw, pure and it is available to everyone.



More than just say or acknowledge what you are grateful for. FEEL IT. EMBODY IT.

When gratitude comes from your heart rather than your mind it becomes raw power and creation. You tell the universe “these things bring me gratitude” and the universe replies to you by giving you even more to be grateful for.

You activate the law of attraction in this way and begin to regain your own inner joy and happiness. The ability to co-create your life.

This will allow you to start somewhere special. It gives you the sense of empowerment that comes from the embodiment of gratitude.

Start making time for gratitude daily. It only takes a moment and it makes all the difference in how your day unfolds.

4 thoughts on “Gratitude – A Fundamental of Life”

  1. Thank you for sharing this post. I just recently started a gratitude journal and I can see the benefits of the practice. I will try, as you suggest here, to take a moment to be in gratitude when I am feeling stressed or feel negativity creeping in! I really enjoy your blog Carolina.

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